Big Steel - About Us


Conceived in 2004, Big Steel is the result of years of successfully manufacturing equipment for retailers. Zhenhai Li and JB Priest Ph.D realized there was a need to provide builders with a direct shipping to a job.

All Big Steel employees were farm raised and know what the American farmer wants.

Products and Manufacturing

Big Steel offers manufacturing and distribution of agriculture equipment to US builders. We provide a full service from start to finish. From product development to delivery.


  • Farrowing Crates
  • Gestation Stalls
  • Feeders
  • Animal Waterier
  • Creep Flooring
  • Cast Iron Flooring
  • PVC Creep Plank
  • PVC Coated Poultry Wire
  • Galvanized Poultry Wire
  • Fiberglass Support Beams
  • Stainless Steel Tbolts